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No 2 (2014) Phycobiliproteins content in cyanobacteria Phormidium autumnale f. uncinata biomass at cultivation temperature variation Abstract
І. М. Незберицька, А. В. Курейшевич, О. А. Васильченко, А. Б. Миненко
No 2 (2014) Possibilities of force fields application for oil products’ biodegradation enhancement Abstract
О. Л. Матвєєва, О. Р. Алієва
No 2 (2013) Principles of modeling process of production of sugar beet Abstract
М. П. Волоха
No 2 (2014) Problem of water pollution petroleum products and ways to it solve Abstract
Ю. В. Бондарець, О. Л. Матвєєва, Д. А. Безверха
No 1 (2018) Prognostic value of early reduction of BCR/ABL1 gene expression in criteria of deep molecular response on imatynib therapy in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia Abstract   PDF (UA)
І. В. Дмитренко
No 1 (2013) Prospects of complex bio-sorbtional galvanic wastewater treatment Abstract
О. В. Лапань
No 2 (2013) Prospects of using nanosilver for disinfectants in the pharmaceutical industry Abstract
О. О. Беденко, Л. О. Косоголова, К. М. Яблонська
No 1 (2013) Regeneration of petroleum products Abstract
І. Б. Ігуменцева, О. О. Лещенко, К. А. Архипенко
No 2 (2018) Rice by-products – raw materials for alternative energy production in Ukraine Abstract   PDF (EN)
H. Marushchak, M. Lisovyi, N. Birina
No 1 (2012) Some aspects of fungicidal preparations development Abstract
Е.М. Поповa, А.В. Дражнікова, І.В. Кощій, А.В. Величко, О.В. Вініченко
No 2 (2016) Spectral analysis of flavonoids content of dandelion Taraxacum officinale W. and chicory usual Cichorium intybus L. depending on growing places Abstract   PDF (UA)
К. А. Довгопола
No 2 (2014) Stability of microbial communities gray forest soil using different agrotechnical methods Abstract
І. М. Малиновська, Л. С. Ястремська
No 2 (2013) Static evaporation of hydrocarbons and measures to prevent this process Abstract
А. О. Спаська
No 2 (2016) Study experience of using plant materials infected by fungi as substrate for microbial fuel cell Abstract   PDF (EN)
A. I. Kucherov, O. Y. Nechyporuk, K. O. Paliienko, H. K. Savchenko, L. S. Tymoshenko, Y. V. Yuzvenko, A. V. Drazhnikova
No 2 (2014) Technological aspects of spice-aromatic herbs in beverage technology Abstract
О. П. Вітряк
No 2 (2018) The biological activity of bacterial starter fermented milk products Abstract   PDF (UA)
О. Л. Матвєєва, В. В. Старинщак, Л. Р. Решетняк
No 1 (2017) The chemical composition influence of oil products on the efficiency of carbon-oxidizing microorganisms cultivation Abstract   PDF (UA)
Л. М. Гладченко, О. Л. Матвєєва, С. О. Омельчук
No 1 (2014) The content of arbutin in the leaves of a bearberry Arctostaphylos Uva-ursi with different regions of Ukraine Abstract
Ю. А. Колесник
No 2 (2012) The dynamics of the number of bacteria in petroleum contaminated gray forest soil Abstract   PDF (UA)
І. М. Малиновська, Н. А. Зінов'єва, Л. С. Ястремська
No 1 (2014) The influence of anthropogenic pressure on the synthesis of phenolic substances in the leaves of chestnut Aesculus L. Abstract
Н. Б. Свідзінська, А. В. Чепурко
No 2 (2015) The influence of electromagnetic radiation on extraction process of inulin from roots of dandelion (Taraxacum officinale Wigg.) Abstract   PDF (UA)
Я. В. Дем’янова, К. М. Яблонська
No 2 (2018) The influence of hydrogen-ion concentration on the production of intermediate compounds in degradation reaction of D-giucose Abstract   PDF (UA)
В. М. Руденко
No 1 (2016) The influence of organofluorine compounds on cultivation of Enterobacteriaceae Abstract   PDF (UA)
Р. І. Пришляк, В. О. Голубіцька
No 1 (2018) The influence of Stimpo and Regoplant for the growth, photosynthetic pigments and protein content in seedlings of rape on technogenically disturbed substrates Abstract   PDF (UA)
С. Ю. Макогоненко, В. І. Баранов, Л. І. Карпінець
No 2 (2014) The influence of treatment's physical methods on the activity of proteolytic enzymes of A. oryzae Abstract
О. О. Беденко, Л. О. Косоголова, Л. Р. Решетняк, П. П. Лошицький
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