No 1 (2018)

Issue is published on the approvement of the Scientific Council of the National Aviation University (Minutes № 5 of June 26, 2018)

Table of Contents


To the question on methyl tert-butyl ether PDF (EN)
S. S. Garkavyi, K. G. Garkava
Actuality of molecular genetic studies in aquaculture PDF (UA)
С. І. Тарасюк, О. Ю. Бєлікова, С. О. Колісник
Environmental and energy aspects combustion of landfill gas (biogas) in the atmospheric burner PDF (UA)
В. В. Горупа

Experimental articles

Development of technology for cultivation of of high-processing stones of Chlorella vulgaris in low temperature conditions PDF (UA)
М. А. Прокофьєва, М. І. Семенов, Я. В. Степневська, В. Т. Сметанін
The influence of Stimpo and Regoplant for the growth, photosynthetic pigments and protein content in seedlings of rape on technogenically disturbed substrates PDF (UA)
С. Ю. Макогоненко, В. І. Баранов, Л. І. Карпінець
Ecological interrelations of mass ground beetles with carabophile mite Anystipalpus livshitsi (Eidelberg, 1989) and Caraboacarus stammeri (Krezal, 1959) in the central part of the steppe zone of Ukraine PDF (UA)
П. А. Кобеза, О. Є. Пахомов
Prognostic value of early reduction of BCR/ABL1 gene expression in criteria of deep molecular response on imatynib therapy in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia PDF (UA)
І. В. Дмитренко
Determination of antagonistic activity of extracts of medicinal plants on oral bacteria PDF (EN)
Y. V. Borysenko, M. M. Baranovskyi

Young scientist’s page

Influence of cosmic radiation on bioorganic molecules and cells PDF (UA)
А. О. Українська

ISSN: 2306-6407