No 1 (2016)

Issue is published on the approvement of the Scientific Council of the National Aviation University (Minutes № 5 of June 22, 2016)

Table of Contents


Obtaining and application of sulfanilamide medicines
Y. I. Haluzinska, D. V. Siediuko, I. I. Gerashchenko
Analysis of technologies for purification of oily wastewater from airlines using biosorbents
Л. М. Чуйченко, О. Л. Матвєєва
Flavonoids: chemistry and biological activities
Y. A. Novza, E. M. Popova

Experimental articles

The oxidation of different energy sources and features of the growth of new strains of microorganisms, isolated from industrial substrates
І. А. Блайда, Т. В. Васильєва, О. А. Джамбек, О. І. Джамбек, В. Ю. Баклан
Effect of row spacing on photosynthetic productivity of sugar beet
M. P. Volokha
Morphological integrity of individuals in plant populations of grass and subshrub layer
І. М. Коваленко

Young scientist’s page

Environmental assessment of heavy metals in the soil and Trifolium pratense L.
К. А. Довгопола
The influence of organofluorine compounds on cultivation of Enterobacteriaceae
Р. І. Пришляк, В. О. Голубіцька

ISSN: 2306-6407