No 2 (2015)

Issue is published on the approvement of the Scientific-Technical Council of the National Aviation University (Minutes № 10 of December 10, 2015)

Table of Contents


Творчий союз молоді та зрілості
І. С. Чекман, Н. О. Горчакова, К. Г. Гаркава
Improved flowsheet of wastewater treatment from nitrogen-containing compounds
O. Semenova, L. Reshetniak, N. Bublienko, O. Salavor, E. Smirnova
Cellulolytic microorganisms domains Bacteria and Archaea
Л. С. Ястремська

Experimental articles

Comparative analysis of rare and heavy metals recovery from waste by isolated, collection and types of microbial strains
Т. В. Васильєва
Modeling of litho-hydrological conditions as an element of impact assessment on the environment: the context of ecological safety
В. В. Шаравара, Д. В. Гулевець, Я. І. Мовчан
Biomass accumulation of microalgae for biofuel production
А. О. Кирилова, І. В. Матюхін, В. І. Карпенко
Flavonoids in leaves of chestnut tree Aesculus hippocastanum L. as an indicator of ecological loading
Ю. А. Новза, Е. М. Попова, О. В. Вініченко
Modification variability of the new cultivar of wheat-rye amphidiploid by the ecological, industrial-valuable and molecular-genetic features
Т. З. Москалець, І. В. Гриник, С. І. Тарасюк, В. В. Москалець, Н. М. Буняк, В. І. Москалець, В. К. Рибальченко
Cotoneaster (Cotoneaster Medik.) – new object of biotechnology
І. С. Михайлова, Г. Т. Гревцова, К. Г. Гаркава

Young scientist’s page

Effect of food on environmental safety of natural waters
А. В. Поштаренко
The influence of electromagnetic radiation on extraction process of inulin from roots of dandelion (Taraxacum officinale Wigg.)
Я. В. Дем’янова, К. М. Яблонська

ISSN: 2306-6407