No 1 (2012)

Issue is published on the approvement of the Scientific Council of the National Aviation University (Minutes № 6 of June 20, 2012)

Table of Contents


Ecobiotechnological methods of the cultivated plants resistance formation
М.М. Барановський
Embryonic stem cells. Perspectives and problems of their application
Д.І. Білько, С.В. Малишева, Г.В. Будаш, О.В. Чапля, Н.М. Білько
Nanotechnologies in medicine and pharmacy
І.І. Геращенко, О.А. Васильченко

Experimental articles

Some aspects of fungicidal preparations development
Е.М. Поповa, А.В. Дражнікова, І.В. Кощій, А.В. Величко, О.В. Вініченко
The orientation of microbiological processes in the dark-gray podzolic soil with different technologies of growing of soybean
І.М. Малиновська
Microflora of silver birch pollen (Betula verrucosa Ehrh.) from different habitats
Т.В. Шевцова, К.Г. Гаркава
Use of anaerobic microorganisms bioconversion waste pulp and paper industry
К.М. Яблонська, Л.С. Ястремська, В.В. Хробуст
Disposal of sewage sludge utilities on receipt of biofuels and biofertilizers
Д.І. Дегтяр, О.В. Горлінський, В.І. Карпенко

Young scientist’s page

Influence of ultraviolet radiation on the biological activity of Pantoea agglomerans lipopolysaccharides
Т.В. Булигіна

ISSN: 2306-6407