No 2 (2014)

Issue is published on the approvement of the Scientific Council of the National Aviation University (Minutes № 11 of December 17, 2014)

Table of Contents


Possibilities of force fields application for oil products’ biodegradation enhancement
О. Л. Матвєєва, О. Р. Алієва
Technological aspects of spice-aromatic herbs in beverage technology
О. П. Вітряк
Problem of water pollution petroleum products and ways to it solve
Ю. В. Бондарець, О. Л. Матвєєва, Д. А. Безверха
Adaptation and immunity
K. G. Garkava

Experimental articles

Stability of microbial communities gray forest soil using different agrotechnical methods
І. М. Малиновська, Л. С. Ястремська
Ecological features of formation on phytomelioration shelter Lutsk landfill in early spring
В. В. Попович
Obtaining effective bacterial preparations based on the pure cultures, that isolated from wastes of energy and coal industry
Т. В. Васильєва, І. А. Блайда, Н. Ю. Васильєва, Н. П. Мітяєва
Development of innovative technology of manganese bio-extraction from ferroalloys production slags and slimes with obtaining of new products
Г. В. Джандиери, Д. В. Сахвадзе, А. В. Рапава, Т. Як. Цирекидзе
Phycobiliproteins content in cyanobacteria Phormidium autumnale f. uncinata biomass at cultivation temperature variation
І. М. Незберицька, А. В. Курейшевич, О. А. Васильченко, А. Б. Миненко
The influence of treatment's physical methods on the activity of proteolytic enzymes of A. oryzae
О. О. Беденко, Л. О. Косоголова, Л. Р. Решетняк, П. П. Лошицький

Young scientist’s page

The influence of α-lipoic acid on the functional activity of phagocytes
Ю. В. Юзвенко, Л. М. Яременко
Growth and activity inhibition of yeast culture Saccharomyces cerevisiae by using microwave electromagnetic radiation
А. В. Поштаренко

ISSN: 2306-6407