No 2 (2013)

Issue is published on the approvement of the Scientific Council of the National Aviation University (Minutes № 10 of December 18, 2013)

Table of Contents


Phagocytes – cells of nonspecific and specific resistance
K. G. Garkava

Experimental articles

A new approach to the study of adaptogenic properties of medicinal plants
К. Г. Гаркава
Isolation of cadmium from aqueous solutions of natural sorbents with immobilized bacteria of the genus Pseudomonas
Т. В. Гудзенко, І. В. Пузирьова, Т. О. Бєляєва, О. В. Волювач, О. Г. Горшкова, В. О. Іваниця
Distribution features of leafminer moth on Bolle's poplar Populus pyramidalis Borkh in Kiev city
А. V. Drazhnikova, E. M. Popova
Application of staphylococcus protein A in the affinity chromatography and immunoadsorption
О. В. Святенко, О. А. Васильченко, К. К. Васильченко
Prospects of using nanosilver for disinfectants in the pharmaceutical industry
О. О. Беденко, Л. О. Косоголова, К. М. Яблонська
Principles of modeling process of production of sugar beet
М. П. Волоха
Static evaporation of hydrocarbons and measures to prevent this process
А. О. Спаська
The tools for improving comfort urban areas by a comprehensive indicator of environmental hazards
Д. В. Гулевець

Young scientist’s page

Biosynthesis of surface-active compounds by Bacillus genus bacteria
О. В. Іванисько
Optimization of cultivation conditions of Bacillus genus bacteria for proteolytic enzymes production
Ie. G. Barska

ISSN: 2306-6407