No 1 (2013)

Issue is published on the approvement of the Scientific Council of the National Aviation University (Minutes № 6 of June 19, 2013)

Table of Contents


The main groups of microorganisms involved in the biohydrometallurgical process
Т. В. Васильева, И. А. Блайда, В. А. Иваница
On the question of antigens
K. G. Garkava
Analysis oil spill treatment technologies with using of sorbents based on peat moss genus Sphagnum
Ю. В. Бондарець, О. Л. Матвєєва

Experimental articles

Сomposition and leaching activity of energy industrial waste microbiocenosis
И. А. Блайда, Т. В. Васильева, Л. И. Слюсаренко, И. Н. Барба, В. А. Иваница
Microscopic fungi – wall coating destructors of attraction architecture in Kyiv
І. В. Домбровська, І. М. Малиновська
Nanoparticles containing tungsten and molybdenum in microbial biofilms
V. G. Lazariev, V. F. Labunets, M. A. Boretska, L. G. Asaulenko, I. A. Kozlova
Influence of gelatin on structure and properties of polivinylacetate
Г. Ф. Фабуляк, Л. Д. Масленнікова, Л. О. Смашнюк
Extraction bioethanol from culture medium
В. В. Горупа
Effect of prebiotics on lyzosymic activity of the Bacillus genus bacteria
М. А. Saveka, О. А. Vasylchenko
Regeneration of petroleum products
І. Б. Ігуменцева, О. О. Лещенко, К. А. Архипенко
Features of brewing technology from unconventional raw materials
З. М. Романова, Л. О. Косоголова

Young scientist’s page

Biosynthesis of surface-active compounds by Pseudomonas representatives
А. В. Кузьменко
Feasibility of inulin hydrolyzates usage in the production of health improving products
K. V. Dmytrash
Prospects of complex bio-sorbtional galvanic wastewater treatment
О. В. Лапань

ISSN: 2306-6407