Problems of Environmental Biotechnology

Online scientific journal “Problems of Environmental Biotechnology” was founded by National Aviation University in 2012. The journal reviews a wide range of theoretical and applied problems of environmental biotechnology in biological and technical branches of science.

Language: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

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According the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 1609 from November 21, 2013 online scientific journal “Problems of Environmental Biotechnology” was included in the list of scientific specialized issues of Ukraine for technical (environmental safety) and biological (biotechnology, ecology) sciences.

The journal is indexed in international scientometric databases:

Russian Index of Scientific Citation


ISSN 2306-6407

The editors will accept articles for publication on the following topics: Ecologization of biotechnological processes. Ecological features of bioobjects. Bioenergetics. Biodeterioration and biocorrosion. Bioremediation. Biotesting and bioindication.  Interdisciplinary research in environmental biotechnology.

The journal has such items as “Reviews”, “Experimental articles” and “Young scientist’s page”.

Articles must meet the requirements and regulations established by editors.

Frequency: Semiannual.

Editor in Chief: Volodymyr M. Isaenko

Deputy Editor in Chief: Kateryna G. Garkava

Assistant Editor: Anna V. Drazhnikova

Contacts: 03680, Ukraine, Kiyv, Kosmonavta Komarova ave. 1, phone: (044) 406-78-87, e-mail:


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No 2 (2018)

Issue is published on the approvement of the Scientific Council of the National Aviation University (Minutes № 7 of October 31, 2018)

Table of Contents


Antioxidant properties of different blueberries species PDF (EN)
B. Hryvnak, M. Baranovsky

Experimental articles

Microbiological activity of probiotic drugs in interaction with antibiotics PDF (UA)
О. Л. Матвєєва, С. О. Омельчук, Л. Р. Решетняк
The influence of hydrogen-ion concentration on the production of intermediate compounds in degradation reaction of D-giucose PDF (UA)
В. М. Руденко
Rice by-products – raw materials for alternative energy production in Ukraine PDF (EN)
H. Marushchak, M. Lisovyi, N. Birina
Monitoring of village cultures viral infections in the territory of Ukraine PDF (UA)
В. О. Цвігун, Т. П. Шевченко, А. Л. Бойко
The biological activity of bacterial starter fermented milk products PDF (UA)
О. Л. Матвєєва, В. В. Старинщак, Л. Р. Решетняк
Biological activity and bioavailability of supramolecular complexes (pectin-boric acid) in vivo of land plants (emryophytes) PDF (UA)
С. В. Примаченко, А. Д. Кустовська, Д. С. Мохнєв

Young scientist’s page

Cultivation and uses of fish stem cells PDF (UA)
Ю. М. Глушко, О. Ю. Бєлікова, Л. П. Суховерська, Ю. С. Алєксєєва

ISSN: 2306-6407