Intensification of beveragement processes by enzymes of enzymes

З. М. Романова, О. С. Романов, Л. О. Косоголова


Beer is a complex colloidal system. The appearance of turbidity during storage of beer is due to an increase in the size of particles due to their collision, condensation (oxidation) and polymerization. The cause of turbidity in fresh beer, when it is cooled, is the interconnection of low molecular weight phenolic compounds with acidic beer proteins. To improve the colloidal stability of beer, enzyme preparations containing cytolytic, proteolytic and amylolytic enzymes used in the preparation of wort are used. Most of the drugs used for brewing are complex. The possibility of using Viscoferm enzymes at the fermentation stage has been established. The mechanism of the effect is also studied. The purpose of the determination of the enzyme and halothane is the destruction of the bond between proteins and high molecular weight phenolic compounds, which are bonded by proteins not only with hydrogen bonds, but also by hydrophobic and ionic bonds and do not decay when heated. Studies have shown that Viscoferm with a concentration of 0.02 g / dl best influences the stability of beer.


beer; colloidal stability; enzymes; enzymes (AF) Viscoferm; halothane; muddy


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